Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in Florida

A vacation doesn’t feel the same unless the entire family is together and that includes pets. Since more people are traveling with their furry friends, it’s no wonder that hotels have started to step up to the plate to offer pet-friendly accommodations. It’s just good business. Florida is a popular vacation spot for many Americans due to its warm climate and beautiful beaches, so many of their hotels have opened their doors for pets.

You should take your pet along with you for your next trip and leave behind the worry of looking for a pet crèche near you when you will be away. Mentioned herein are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Florida where you can find every facility that would make you feel at home.

1. Pet-friendly hotels in Florida
Florida is a buzzing city and accommodates its visitors with the utmost comfort. The city has some of the best pet-friendly hotels within its boundaries. Here is a list of hotels that will aptly take care of the comforts of you and your pet.

  • Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort
  • Four Season Resort Palm Beach
  • The Setai, Miami Beach
  • 1 Hotel South Beach
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Miami
  • Kimpton EPIC Hotel
  • The Standard Spa, Miami Beach
  • Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa
  • The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village

Surely, these are only a few of the most renowned accommodations available in Florida. There are plenty beyond the names listed here that offer congenial accommodation to pet owners.

2. Facilities available at top pet-friendly hotels
You should be careful while choosing a hotel before scheduling a stay with your pet. The best hotels in Florida with pet stay facilities generally offer the following amenities at check-in.

  • Towels
  • Sitters
  • Leash-free play areas
  • Special food (suitable for pets)
  • Specially arranged beds
  • Comfortable blankets
  • Gift baskets

Choose superior accommodation that would offer the facilities mentioned above and more for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

3. The basic rules
Every pet-friendly hotel has its unique set of rules to maintain smooth operation. These rules ensure that both the pet owner and the pet enjoy the best during their stay at the hotel. In some hotels, only dogs are allowed as a pet, whereas some accommodations in Florida accept a wider variety of pets.

Hence, before you check into a hotel, make sure that the pet you are traveling with is allowed there as well. Some hotels have a strict leash policy, and some allow pets to play freely most of the time. Before settling for a hotel, check the leash policy of the hotel.

Before booking a hotel online, you must check if the information available online is the latest. Sometimes with the transfer of property, the hotel policies change too. Therefore, a pet-friendly hotel might become unwelcoming to pets after an ownership transfer. So, it is best to make a call and get the facts checked to avoid hassles.

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