Top 3 Common Hair Removal Methods

Many people deal with unwanted hair on a daily basis, whether it’s hair on the face, neck, or the rest of the body. Unwanted hair can have many causes such as genetics, medications, hormones, and medical conditions. It’s a common problem that everyone has had to manage. Thankfully, there are a myriad of ways to remove unwanted hair, some of them are easy and cost-effective while others are painful and costly.

One of the things we always dream of when it comes to grooming is having the right amount of hair on our body. If you are looking to remove any unwanted hair from your body, here is a list of the best hair removal treatments and methods:

1. Laser hair removal
This is one of the best hair removal methods if you are looking for a long-lasting solution through hair removal treatments. The laser beam is focused onto the hair pigment that is present at the root of the hair follicle to destroy future hair growth. These treatments will require a few seatings and are not completely done in one session. Sessions are based on the body area you want to cover.

While there are spas which can do these laser treatments for you, it is best to get it done in a medical clinic because they ensure the safety of the treatment and the possibility of any potential risk or onset of side effects is more controlled. While the safety of laser hair removal is quite guaranteed today, the process has to be followed in a monitored set up by experts. If you simply want to remove your body hair at home, then you can try the various home-devices which are available in the market. However, these are not as effective as laser treatment sessions.

2. Sugaring
This is a form of sugar wax that comprises of natural ingredients such as water, lemon juice, sugar, and glycerin. Using pure wax along with creams and honey can prove to be hard on the skin as it causes skin damage such as burning and pigmentation. It also causes the skin to age prematurely. Sugar wax is a great hair removal method because it is usually used at room temperature and the solution only sticks to the hair without attaching itself to the top layer of the skin. While there is not much difference in terms of pain, the perks are that you can avoid ingrown hair and redness. This is a great option for any part of the body.

3. Threading
This is another commonly used hair removal method. This is a slightly lesser abrasive form of hair removal in comparison to waxing and it is also more precise and less painful. The main idea is to use a piece of thread to remove hair in its rows from the root. This is best for short hair in specific areas and the regrowth tends to be a lot finer. Most often, this form of hair removal is used for doing the eyebrows, chin, upper lip, nostrils, and ears for women, and to even out the beard for men.

Today, there are many hair removal methods available for use at home; it is important to make sure that you test these methods out in a specific region before trying it out in more sensitive areas.

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