Natural Green Lawn Care Tips for a Chemical-Free Garden

Summer is the perfect time to be outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make elaborate plans. Nor does it mean driving down to the beach or parks every time you want to be outdoors. Instead, it can be simple to turn your backyard into a summertime oasis for your friends and family. It helps to know some natural green lawn care tips so that your backyard becomes your favorite summer destination.

Whether it is gardening, grilling, catching fireflies, or simply chatting beneath a starlit sky, your garden can be a special outdoor venue. So, you can use these easy natural green lawn care tips to make your garden weed-free, lush, and aesthetically pleasing. You do not have to depend on chemicals to achieve it.

Given below are some natural green lawn care tips that help you build a safe and pollution-free environment, in which you and your family can spend quality time.

1. Lawnmower maintenance
One of the first things that you will need to do is care for the lawnmower properly. The mower blades must be routinely sharpened every year. Also, you will need to tweak the settings depending on the length of the grass you cut. So, you may have to move up the blade when you cut taller grass, as these have stronger and deeper roots. You must also not cut more than a third of the total grass height each time.

2. Mow fallen leaves
It is a good idea to mow the fallen leaves during autumn rather than raking and landfilling them. The mulched leaves can be great fertilizers for the soil, they will disintegrate to feed worms and enhance soil permeability.

3. Don’t overwater
Watering the grass is good, but overdoing it will cause more harm. You must not water the grass more than once a week, and when you do, it should be done deeply. Lawns that are very frequently watered tend to have shallow roots. It is best to use hoses than automatic sprinklers because you know exactly how much water you will be using.

4. Healthy snow
It is important to understand that grass will only grow when the soil is healthy. So, the best tip for building a natural green lawn is to use zero chemicals. You must focus on creating a robust, nutrient-rich foundation. Always choose the right type of grass for your backyard. The idea is to maintain a vigorous and healthy turf that can shade the soil so that the weeds will not be able to grow easily. When your lawn is maintained well, it will withstand mild insect infections. You will probably not need to intervene in most cases, and the problem will hardly be noticeable.

5. Choose grass wisely
You can visit the local garden store to find a turfgrass mix that suits your climate. Mowing should be carried out at an optimum height as very short grass will be prone to diseases and infections, while longer grass becomes more prone to drought, particularly in summers.

6. Use natural fertilizers
Finally, you must settle only for natural fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are obtained from natural sources like plant and animal by-products. Slow-release and controlled release fertilizers are the best options as they increase the absorption of nutrients. Before buying any organic product off the shelf, it is recommended that you read the labels carefully.