Natural Remedies

Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a quite common condition. According to statistics, close to 3 million people suffer from erectile dysfunction in the country. Despite it sounding serious, there are ways to treat the disorder and help the penis function properly. Some of the most common forms of medical treatments include the use of injections, medication, vacuum pumps, implants, or surgery, depending on the severity of the case and cause of the condition.

Most men tend to self diagnose the situation, and to avoid an awkward visit to the doctor or expensive diagnostic tests. However, the first course of action should be seeking out natural treatments. Some of these natural treatment methods include vitamins, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, therapies, exercise, and diet and lifestyle changes. Not every remedy is applicable to everyone since the underlying cause can vary from person to person and it is important to seek out the best option by trying to identify the cause. The most common and well-known culprits associated with erectile dysfunction are diabetes, obesity, stroke, cardiovascular conditions, stress or anxiety, lifestyle factors (alcohol, smoking, or lack of exercise), low levels of testosterone, and penis injuries.

Since the causes vary, the treatment plan varies, too. Instead of getting onto a blank plan, it is important that you reach out to a medical professional and discuss your options as this could worsen with time if left untreated.

1. Acupuncture
Some of the most common forms of therapies that work as natural treatments for erectile dysfunction include acupuncture. In order to help reduce the associated stress with the condition and restore full function, acupuncture is often suggested. This method is an ancient Chinese form of therapy which regulates the energy flow with needles inserted at specific pressure points. By doing so, the tension at those pressure points are released and most often erectile dysfunction is resolved. There has been extensive research in this area, and it is safe when performed by a skilled practitioner. There aren’t many drawbacks or side effects reported to this form of natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. While its results are still being evaluated, one can give it a go, as it is safe.

2. Sexual therapy
Another alternative is to seek out couples or sexual therapy. The most common factor associated with erectile dysfunction is mental stress or anxiety. When you reach out for emotional therapy as a form of natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, you are essentially getting professional help to enhance the performance while also enhancing the desire for sex. Moreover, this bears a positive impact in life.