Types of Maintenance Required for a Luxury Car

If you own a luxury car, you’re probably concerned about the upkeep. After all, your beloved Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, or BMW requires care and timely maintenance. Investing in a dream car is not the ultimate; maintaining it is. If your dream car breaks down, your dreams would shatter beyond repair. To make sure that does not happen, you must ensure timely maintenance following the guidelines of the manufacturer, model, and make of your car.

To learn more about the maintenance of a luxury car, consider the following points:

1. Read the owner’s manual
Always plan your vehicle’s maintenance schedule on the basis of the instructions in the owner’s manual. Refer to the manual to know how often the vehicle needs a fluid change, brake pad change, tune-up, wheel alignments, filter changes, tire rotations, etc. In addition, understand the vehicle’s function as explained in the manual. It is the most essential tool to make sure the vehicle goes the extra mile and has a longer life.

2. Choose recommended cleaning products
Clean the vehicle with recommended cleaning products only. This is the only way to prevent the vehicle’s interior and exterior from damage. Depending on the model and make of the luxury car, you may require high-quality waxes and detergents to maintain it. However, do not use hard water to rinse the car as it might leave hideous streaks and marks. Hard water may also cause mineral deposits that can damage the vehicle’s paint.

3. Clean the seats and leather
Does your luxury vehicle have leather seats? If so, always buy manufacturer-recommended products like leather conditioner for cleaning the seats. The right quality conditioner keeps the leather in good condition, smooth and supple, and prevents untimely spots and cracks. Do not use bleach, wax, or other ammonia-based cleaners on the leather seats, as they would leave stains. If the seats are made of perforated leather, buy a condition that would not damage the material.

4. Garage the vehicle in the best environment
The best maintenance tip for a luxury automobile is to store it in a proper environment. In addition, you must also consider the weather, as frigid conditions may have damaging effects on luxury vehicles and trucks.

Store the car in a properly heated garage when needed and cover it with a good quality cover to protect it from dust, dirt, and debris.

5. Check the tires
It is important to check the tires of the luxury vehicle from time to time. Using a tire pressure gauge, you can check the inflation once a month. If the tires are overly inflated, it makes less road contact as tires become stiffer. As such, it leads to performance problems as well as wear and tear.

Likewise, if the tires are under-inflated, it may make excess road contact, thus causing rim damage. Rim damage is expensive maintenance. Hence, make sure tire inflation is properly done to promote fuel economy and better handling. One major maintenance tip for a luxury automobile is to take care of the car at every step. Regardless of how many kilometers it runs or the terrain, be vigilant and don’t neglect even a minor issue.