Top Luxury Caribbean Cruises of 2019

A holiday in the Caribbean is on everyone’s bucket list with the azure blue waters, the glow of the sun and sand, and beautiful locales to explore. If you want to add some style and luxury to your travel there is no better way than to go on a cruise. Many luxury cruise liners offer voyages to different places in this tropical locale. Let’s find out about the best destinations for Caribbean cruise travel.

The Caribbean and Latin America are the world’s most popular regions for cruises as they come with a promise of the tropical sunshine, magnificent marine life, and a host of water sports. They are a big hit mainly in the peak winter months. Also, the islands are beautifully arranged which allows guests to enjoy a new port every morning. A cruise is the best way to see many of the islands in a single trip in the lap of luxury and comfort. Here are some of the best Caribbean cruise travel voyages.

1. Royal Caribbean International
This aptly named cruise line adds elan and style to Caribbean cruise travel. It has many trips planned to the famous and not-so-famous places in the Caribbean, spanning over a short and long duration. Try out the Bahamas cruise for some adventure and adrenaline-pumping activities. Spend your time splashing in the water parks, shake a leg at night pubs and discos and devour some fantastic food. Also, relish the time to soak in the beauty of the shores. For those of you wanting to see marine life, take a cruise that brings you up close and personal with underwater life of the Caribbean with captivating coral reefs and unique jellyfish, sea turtles, and more.

2. Regal Princess
Enjoy an unusual itinerary on this Caribbean cruise travel, moving from one home-port to the next. On this ten-day trip stop at two lesser-known ports Antigua and Aruba, before reaching Lauderdale. While aboard, enjoy delectable cuisine, the finest wines, and a host of onboard activities.

3. Caribbean Paradise on board Azura
Start your journey in blissful Barbados, as you sail the turquoise waters to the islands- Curacao, Aruba, St Vincent, and St Lucia. Enjoy the laid-back life in these islands, stroll around in the bustling markets or taste Grenada’s spices and some seafood delights at Antigua. While aboard the ship, take part in all onboard activities and festivities with some mouth-watering food and the best liquor. Kids and adults have a variety of activities on this cruise.

4. Celebrity Edge
Celebrity Edge, the newest cruise liners of Celebrity Cruises, has been the most anticipated and awaited ship. It is luxury at an all-new level. With fully-furnished rooms, butler on call, a rooftop garden, and many fun things to do on board- this cruise liner is a must-travel if you are planning a holiday to the Caribbean islands. There are many itineraries designed around the different islands to relish Caribbean cruise travel in style.