The Hottest Shoe Trends for 2020

Since the beginning of time, humans have used shoes as a way to tread comfortably and protect our feet. As civilization evolved, shoes became the means to add style to outfits. Shoes fads have consistently changed over time and from year to year. Sometimes a footwear trend that was popular decades ago becomes popular again many years later. If you are looking to increase your style and personality, you can do so simply by adding a unique pair of shoes to any outfit, or to suit a special occasion.

If you are looking for the hottest footwear trends 2020, walk this way to to find the most popular styles:

1. Kitten heels
One of the most popular styles of shoes for 2020 is going to be the kitten heel. This delicate and sophisticated shoe can be worn on any occasion. From business to casual this shoe is ideal for all women who want to make a great impression. This shoe features a closed pointed toe with a small heel in the back. Some of the hottest designers like Marc Jacobs and Gucci add some designer touches to this type of shoe, like a small ribbon or a small designer decal on the front. These small touches can help elevate the shoe’s style and personality. They are great because they match any outfit and look great with any style.

2. Metallic leather loafers
Metallic leather loafers are regaining popularity this year and you will be seeing them everywhere. These loafers are great for all occasions and the metallic color helps set them apart from all other traditional loafers. They look like a traditional loafer in all aspects, except the color. Some of the hottest designers like Valentino are making these new shoes because of the large appeal that they are having across all age demographics.

3. Mary Janes
Mary Jane shoes were once very popular and then they were not seen for a very long time. This year they are becoming popular again and you will see them taking new forms. Mary Jane shoes feature a closed shoe with a strap over the ankle. They are very comfortable and their appeal is widespread throughout many cultures.

4. Platform shoes
Platform shoes are another main popular footwear trend that is becoming popular again this year. This shoe was once very popular years ago. Today, they look very similar to the past, but they have added style. Designers are starting to add small touches of design to these shoes. Platform shoes feature a small or large platform, typically around one inch, with a traditional sneaker on the top.

5. Chain detail pumps
Another one of the most popular shoe trends for this year is the chain detail pumps. These high heel shoes feature a heel in the back with a chain in the front of the pump. The chain can be any color or size, depending on the designer that made them. Some of the best designers like Gucci and Valentino are making these great shoes.

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