The Dos and Don’ts for Traveling with Pets

Travelers trying to board a plane or a train along with their pets is no longer a rare sight. Although earlier pets hardly qualified as a travel partner, recently, the trend has changed for the good. The term, “pet-friendly travel” is regularly used these days with plenty of accommodation and transport facilities welcoming pets. However, traveling with a pet requires some precautions and measures to be followed.

Here are some of the critical pet-friendly travel points that must be considered before planning a trip with your pet:

1. Do: Plan ahead
Planning a trip with your pet at the eleventh hour can be hazardous. If it is necessary to take your pet along, make sure that you start planning with enough time in hand. Airline tickets and accommodation may not be as abundant. Therefore, planning in advance will always ensure a hassle-free journey. It is advisable to check out the best airlines for the pet-friendly travel services and book one based on your needs.

2. Do: Bring health certification
Health certification for pets is mandatory when it comes to traveling in an airplane or any other mode of transport. Do carry the health certificate of the pet to substantiate that all the necessary vaccinations have been administered to ensure it is completely safe. Some airlines also have restrictions regarding the date of issue of these certificates. Before you get your pet checked or vaccinated for travel, check the duration of validity the particular airline requires.

3. Do: Beware the costs
You must have a fair idea of the costs associated with each airline service. The difference is not huge, but it is there. You can always compare to settle for the best and the cheapest option.

4. Do: Choose a nonstop flight
When booking a flight ticket that accommodates a pet, make sure that the flight is a non-stop one. Stop-over flights might not be convenient for your pet as well as your pocket.

5. Don’ts
When flying or traveling with your pet, there are certain don’ts associated as well. Here is a list of things best avoided for pet-friendly travel. If these basic rules are followed during a trip with your pet, no-hassle can appear your way.

  • Try not to plan your trip or travel during the holidays to avoid the rush
  • Avoid feeding your pet just before boarding the flight
  • Don’t forget the refreshment times of your pet when in flight or traveling

Traveling with a pet is no longer an infrequent activity, and there are plenty of support systems available to make your journey pleasant. Choose the best options and make your pet-friendly vacation memorable.