Factors to Consider When Buying a Bra

When it comes to bra types, women have a wide range of choices. There are over thirty bra types that you can find in specialty lingerie stores. Given the endless options for bras, picking the one to suit your needs can prove to be quite overwhelming. The right type of bra would ensure functionality, comfort, and style. Even though a bra is an important piece of clothing, there are a lot of women who are not aware of the various features and bra types available when making a purchase.

The different factors that one should take into consideration when purchasing a bra are:

1. Bra type
The most common bra types are padded bras, push-up bras, balconette bras, lace bras, strapless bras, bandeau bras, demi bras, and longline bras. When deciding on which bra type to buy, every woman needs to consider certain factors. While breast size continues to be the most important, other factors such as cup size and strap style are equally important.

2. Cup shape and size
Different bra types come with varied cup shapes and sizes. Some of the most common types of bra cups are full cups, demi, balcony, and plunge. Demi and plunge cup bras are great when someone wants to create an illusion of a cleavage, while full cups provide proper coverage and support. The shape of the cup can have a huge impact on the overall comfort of the bra. Common bra types such as balconette bras come with short cups, while padded bras usually feature full cups.

3. Bra straps
The straps of a bra are an important part of the design that one should be aware of. Straps provide proper support around the rib cage and most bra types come with different types of straps. With convertible bra types, you can wear whichever strap configuration according to your outfit. Meanwhile, balconette bras have wider straps and are perfect for boat-neck tops or dresses. Halter-neck bras come with a single strap that goes around the neck and is best suited for backless outfits.

4. Support
If you’re heading for a party, it is wise to wear a bra that suits your outfit. However, nothing beats the comfort of wearing a supportive bra. These bras are perfect for everyday outfits, as they ensure ultimate comfort. Lined bras and full cup bras are popular for the comfort they offer. Instead of focusing on the style factor, supportive bra types focus on convenience.

5. Lift
Certain bras are designed to provide a slight lift to the breasts. The amount of lift they offer varies depending on the bra type. Common bra types like push-up bras help lift the breasts. With the added lift, you can create an illusion of a cleavage and enhance the glam factor of any outfit.

Use this guide to determine the right type of bra. Take both comfort and style into consideration before picking the perfect bra that will make you look stylish yet help you stay comfortable.