Dresses for Every Occasion

Each occasion calls for a different type and style of dress. While some dresses are appropriate for daily wear or work, they may not be suitable for a night out on the town or a wedding. Yet every woman desires a range of dresses in her closet to suit various occasions. Whether you are attending prom, a cocktail party, or a wedding, a first date, or a job interview, you need to dress your best:

1. Prom
One of the popular dress types, prom dresses are like cocktail dresses. Your ideal prom dress should suit your body type and make you stand out in the crowd. While gowns are the most common prom dresses, asymmetric dresses can also be considered. If you do not like gowns, you can consider wearing short, body-con dresses or stick to the classic little black dress. You can further accessorize to make it look grand.

2. Wedding
When you choose a dress for a wedding, remember the theme, if any. Moreover, avoid purchasing a white dress, as the bride is the only one who should be seen in this color. While gowns are popular, you can look at other trendy options, too. Choose a polka dot dress with a hat for a daytime wedding or dresses with floral patterns and prints to spice your look.

3. Formal events
A formal event, like a white tie or black-tie dinner, calls for a special dress to be worn. Long gowns are ideal for such events. Avoid dresses that reveal too much skin. Instead, choose dresses that are elegant yet appropriate to enhance your beauty. Consider fabrics like lace, velvet, and brocade for formal event. If in doubt, check with your host.

4. Cocktail parties
Cocktail parties are a semi-formal get-together. Avoid casual dresses and choose a dress that helps you stand out in the party. A knee-length dress in bright colors would be a good choice. You can even consider a top with stylish pants or a skirt. One of the most popular dresses at such events is the little black dress. This is an all-time favorite for most cocktail parties.

5. Vacation
A vacation is where you relax and unwind. Choose dresses that you are most comfortable in. Most importantly, it must be appropriate. Since each place is different, you should pack outfits that suit the place you are visiting. For example, you cannot wear the same beach dress at a mountain resort. Tops with printed skirts, t-shirt and jeans, a floral dress, or off-shoulder top and skirts are some options you can consider while on a vacation.

6. Night clubs
If you are going out clubbing, you will want to wear a dress that suits the place. Choose a dress that’s glamorous yet not too flashy. Dresses with sequin detailed can be worn. Look for a form-fitting dress. A crop top and skirt or a top with dress pants will help you look stylish. You can show some skin at the nightclub, so don’t hesitate to wear a revealing outfit. Wear a dress that fits you and allows you to have a great time.