5 Healthy Snacks for Gout

For gout patients, apart from medications, one of the most effective ways to manage the painful arthritic condition is by eating right. An appropriate diet, one that is lower in purines, is most ideal to keep the symptoms of gout at bay. There are a ton of familiar foods people with gout must avoid, but there are many more foods they can eat. This food helps prevent the accumulation of uric acid in the body, apart from being nutritious.

Here are some healthy snacks to choose for gout patients:

1. Water
Hydration is one of the most primary ways to flush out excess uric acid that accumulates in the joints and causes pain and inflammation. Drinking plenty of water is important, and a glass of cherry or cranberry juice is a healthy everyday snack for gout that prevents the formation of kidney stones that are frequently associated with gout.

2. Coffee
It might be surprising to know that coffee is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of hyperuricemia. Drinking coffee is a healthy snack option for gout and helps eliminate uric acid and also aids in hindering the increased production of purine in the body.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables
Obesity is a condition that could increase the risk of gout. An assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables that provide many nutrients and fiber without weight gain concerns is an excellent choice to snack on. A juicy apple, a couple of sweet oranges, some cucumber, carrots, or celery sticks with a low-fat yogurt dip, a bowl of beetroot sesame salad, a portion of oven-roasted asparagus are healthy snack options for gout patients. Another snack choice is bell peppers and broccoli seasoned with garlic powder, a dash of lime, and a pinch of freshly crushed black pepper. Other options are hot squash and carrot soup sprinkled with some roasted pumpkin seeds, a glass of pineapple juice, and a jar of green kale, spinach, and banana smoothie.

4. Low-fat dairy products
The proteins found in low-fat milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese promote the expulsion of uric acid from the body. Some oatmeal with banana, blueberries, and a cup of warm low-fat milk is a healthy snack for gout. Although oats and oatmeal are rich in purine, they do not adversely affect people with gout. They contain dietary fiber and help in eliminating uric acid from the blood.

5. Plant proteins
Antioxidant-rich plant proteins like nuts (almonds, walnuts, and flaxseeds), seeds, beans (small red beans, green gram, red kidney beans, and pinto beans), and legumes (chickpeas, peanuts, and soybeans) are rich in phytochemicals and provide the daily nutrient requirements. They contain fiber and are low in sugar, which, when assimilated by the body, releases energy slowly, unlike animal-based proteins that spike insulin levels. Although beans and legumes contain high amounts of purine, they are not harmful. On the contrary, these are easy to digest and break down for the body. Plant proteins contain less saturated fat and do not make one feel overweight. They also do not trigger the symptoms of gout, as animal proteins do, but it is best to eat these in moderation.