Picking the Right Mascara for Your Eyelash Type

Every set of eyelashes is different. So what works for one person may not necessarily work for you when you are trying out different types of mascara. Before choosing mascara, it’s important to consider the type of wand to ensure your skin or lashes aren’t damaged. Make sure the ingredients in the mascara are chemical-free as some harsh chemicals may affect the tiny hairs on your lashes. In addition to that, you need to pay attention to the application technique to get that perfect finish for an enhanced eye look.

Today, a lot of people tend to pick custom options from brands that offer a personalized mascara to help you get the best out of the product. Other brands can be bought right at the makeup counter. All you need to do is understand and choose the right one for your specific eyelash type. Consider the following before buying any old mascara:

1. For long lashes
You need to pick a mascara that carries the right curling formula so that the brush can not only enhance the length of your lashes, but also add a layer of lift and shape up the eyes. When you are using mascara for long lashes, you need to comb them to the side by creating the “cat-eye” effect. Make sure that the maximum concentration is towards the outer lashes as they enhance the desired effect.

2. For short lashes that are stumpy
You need to pick a mascara with a wand that has bristles that are densely packed together in order to reach each hair strand on your lashes. Having a bristle brush will prove to be useful for this type of lashes as you can style the lashes conveniently, avoiding any clumps. A plastic brush with loose bristles would clump up easily and not give you the desired look.

3. For stubborn, straight lashes
If your lashes just don’t like to curl, then you need to use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara so that the application enhances your eyes instantly. Before you begin your mascara application, you can also use a hair dryer to slightly warm the eyelash curler for a longer-lasting curl.

4. For mixed-bag eyelashes
If you have eyelashes that are long at the outer corner and short at the inner end, then you need to pick a mascara that has hair growth benefits. This will not only help you with even hair growth but also enhance and frame your eyes.

Apart from these mentioned eyelash types, the application of the mascara also matters. You need to apply mascara evenly for an enhanced look, but not too much to create a clumpy, heavy look that weighs down and potentially damages your lashes.