Ingredients to Look for in a Natural Face Wash

The organic movement is gaining momentum in today’s world and using natural and organic skin care has also become necessary. There is no denying the fact that we are turning towards using natural face washes instead of chemical-based ones. You do not want a beauty product that enhances your skin temporarily, but want natural-based products that will nourish and keep your skin healthy in the long run.

While there are homemade ones that you can try, you still lookout for the best natural face washes that are available in the market simply because they contain exotic natural ingredients that have the potential to enhance the skin. It is more important that you understand what these ingredients are since you do not want to have a breakout on your face. Just like not all the chemical-based face washes are of the same standards, natural face washes too have their own set of combinations. In order to know which one works best for your skin, you need to first understand which ingredients are must-haves in the natural face wash you pick:

1. Natural oils
One of the first ingredients we look for in a natural face wash is always essential oils. This is because of the various properties they carry for absolute skincare. These not only help to break away the oily clogs or the acne-causing bacteria but also contain the ability to rejuvenate the skin and keep the face moisturized throughout the day. When you use chemical cleansers, your skin is stripped of its natural properties, and therefore you need a natural face wash that will primarily protect your skin against the elements while also allowing for the skin to carry on with its natural function. Some of the best known ingredients in this category are – grapefruit, sage leaf, and lemon. Having an essential or natural oil-based face wash can go a long way in removing makeup as well as keeping the skin intact from any of the makeup affecting it.

2. Soapwort
Also referred to as Saponaria Officinalis, this is an ingredient that is a must-have in a natural face wash if you are looking for one that will protect your sensitive skin. This ingredient is highly effective in not only keeping your skin calm but also aid in curing acne, eczema, and psoriasis against any flare-ups or spreading. This is one natural ingredient that can lather easily and therefore one of the best substitutes for your chemical ingredient sodium Lauryl sulfate, which can end up drying and breaking your skin.

3. Tea Tree
Also referred to as Melaleuca Alternifolia, this is a common ingredient in a majority of natural face washes as they act with medicinal properties. This has the potential to be an antiseptic and antibacterial. You can find this in many moisturizing combinations with sesame, coconut, or Argan oils, and they are effective in cleaning the skin better than chemical-based face washes. However, you need to ensure that there are no alcohol bases (which does occur in some face washes) because that can be more detrimental to the skin.