Essential Tips to Pick the Right Lipstick

One of the most common makeup items that all of us adore is lipstick. Just that little bit of color adds so much more depth to one’s face. However, lipstick cannot just be randomly selected. They need to fall in line with various factors from skin tone to the type of lips to the outfit. Otherwise, you might end up with the wrong shade. Here are a few tips that will help you pick the right shade and type of lipstick:

1. Identifying your skin tone
Skin complexion can be broadly sorted into 5 main types—fair, light, tan, medium, and deep. If you are fair- or light-skinned, then the definite type of shades that will agree with you may include peach, coral, nude, dusty red, and pink. Those with a medium skin tone could choose from colors such as berry, rose, mauve, and cherry red.

Tanned skin can look gorgeous with a dash of any color from deep pink to bright red. In the case of deep skin tones, the apt colors could include both brown and purple shades in the likes of caramel, blue-based reds, plum, and wine.

2. Identifying your skin undertone
There are three main skin undertone categories—cool, warm, and neutral. For cool undertones, soft mocha or nude go well for those who are fair- or light-skinned, cranberry or pink shades for those who have a medium skin-tone, and wine or ruby shades work well on tan or deep skin-tones.

Those who have a more warm undertone and are fair or light skin toned can give peachy nudes or pale pinks a try, and all other skin tones could try bronze or copper shades. For those who have a neutral undertone, you can choose almost any color despite your skin tone.

3. The shape of your lips
Most often, people tend to just randomly look for a lipstick match and hardly pay attention to the feature of their lips. But, understanding the lip shape can help determine what will work well for you. If you have fuller top lip, then you need to pick a bright lipstick that will compliment the bottom region of the lips, and a slightly darker shade of the same color of lipstick could be used on the upper lips.

If you have a fuller bottom lip, then you can pick a lipstick that goes well with your undertone and add a nude-colored lipstick to highlight the center of the upper lip. Those who have asymmetrical lips can pick any type of lipstick that goes well for their skin tone and undertone and then add a neat outline with a lip liner to define the shape better.