A Brief History of Eyeliners

Eyeliner is an ancient cosmetic. History reveals that both men and women of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia used eyeliner not only as a beauty product, but also to protect their eyes from the scorching heat of the desert, and from the misfortune that could be cast by the evil eye. Eyeliner was related to some religious customs as well. It wasn’t until the early 20th Century that the use of eyeliner spread to different parts of the world and women started the following fashion and using cosmetics more openly.

Let’s review the “eye-opening” history of the eyeliner:

1. Ingredients of eyeliner
The eyeliner from 10,000 years ago was made from ingredients like oils and crushed charcoal as well as minerals like copper, antimony, lead, and silver. Eyeliners today include waxes, oils, silicones, and natural gums that help the eyeliners stick and last for a longer time. Eyeliners have film formers, thickeners, and pigments as well. The chemicals used for pigmentation include black iron oxide, white titanium dioxide, ultramarine, and chromium oxide.

2. Part of an everyday look
In the 1960s, eyeliners were mass marketed, when used in the fashion world by designers like Mary Quant. Today eyeliners are part of everyday makeup for many women. Its purpose is to define the contour of the eye and draw attention to the eyes. It is used to draw above the upper eyelashes and/or below the lower eyelashes. The eyeliner enhances the shape of the eye or even changes shape depending on the strokes and application. Apart from accentuating the eye, it has also been in vogue for making style statements: to signify certain fashion trends, cultures, and lifestyles. The effect of eyeliner could be about highlighting the eyes or about creating a dramatic effect with bold and dark lines.

3. Eyeliner types
Eyeliners are available in different shades of colors from the usual black to bright and metallic shades. People prefer using smudge-free and waterproof eyeliner for everyday use and the lines can be a basic thin line or winged. Women of all ages use eyeliners of different types like pencils, gels, liquids to get the smokey eye, tight lining, or winged lining pens.

4. Choosing the right eyeliner
It is important to choose the right kind of eyeliner that is safe. A cheap or uncertified product can cause discomfort, irritation, and redness. The waxes and oils may also irritate those using contact lenses as the product may stick to the surface, and result in infections. Hence, good brands of eyeliners are tested and made without allergic chemicals and toxins. There are many types of pure organic eyeliner.

5. Eyeliner safety
To prevent eye infection, never share your eyeliner as sharing it with anyone can cause bacterial infection. Also, you should clean your makeup brushes regularly to prevent any dry particles from getting into your eyes. Dust the brushes gently on your hand and rinse them in lukewarm water and allow them to air dry prior to using.